Thursday, 17 March 2011


1.                  Launched four public limited companies (in diversified businesses).
                        From 1984 to 1994.
                        a:     one financial services
                        b:     two large chemical companies,
                        c:     one publishing.

                        One of the companies was listed among the 500 Largest Indian Companies, over a period                         of ten years, 1984-1994.

2.                  Went into own business from May 1973 to date.

3.                  Launched over fifty products worldwide (India / UK / Malaysia / Saudi Arabia / Kuwait / Oman / UAE / Russia / Egypt / Thailand / Hongkong / Singapore / South Africa / USA / Kenya).  Over eight are brand leaders in various international markets.

4.                  Also was Brand Manager (Asia) for Marlboro cigarettes in 1972.  Launched Four Square Kings and Leaders Cigarettes in May 1972 – May 1973 for Philip Morris.  Three of the four products launched, become number one brands in their markets.

5.                  Brand Management – launched Clearasil pimple cream and Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup, December 1968 – May 1972 for Vicks, now Proctor & Gamble.

6.                  Star Copywriter at J. Walter Thompson for 2 years 1967 -1968.  Won the best copywriter award for Air India 1968 campaign (There’s an AIR about INDIA).

7.                  Made a fortune of US$10 million from a capital of US$.100 only, in the period 1973 -1994.

8.                  Retired and sold all his businesses in 1994 at the age of 49, after major car accident in October 1993.  Restarted business in the UK in Jan 1996, “The Millionaire Group” with 1 million pounds capital (now sold).

9.                  Chairman Emeritus, of an Advertising Agency in India he started 25 years ago “Headstart Advertising” which currently employs over 120 people (Bombay and Delhi).

10.              Chairman Emeritus of Tamilnadu Chemical Products Ltd. – one of India’s most profitable Automated Chemical and Power (Energy) Companies employing 250 staff.

11.              Widely written about in various publications. Business India, India’s leading business publication called him “A Walking Advertisement for Enterprise.”

12.              Has one of the largest, personal, private Antique collections in the Far East (over 7000 pieces), covering Victorian paintings, Antique Bohemian glass, European Porcelain and Marble, India Chola Antique Bronzes, Chinese Ming and Ching Porcelain, Japanese Imari and Satsuma etc.

13.              India’s Leading Racehorse Owner, 1991-1992, 1999-2000.  Winner of more than 400 races, 8 derby’s, 30 classics, and 3 triple crowns.  Horses exported to America, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, where the horses have won a large number of races and one of the horses bred by him was Malaysia’s leading “Horse of the Year” (2002/3).  Owned 2 of India’s most famous horses “SADDLE UP” and “ASTONISH” which won the prestigious “Queen Elizabeth Cup” in Hong Kong and Singapore, beating world famous Horses.

14.              Currently Owner of a 60 ft yacht, “Arabella”, based at Dubai Creek and Yacht Club, a gold Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II (Ex Sultan of Brunei), 2 Mercedes Benz cars, a rare 1962 Le Mans racing Jaguar, and various other cars based between Dubai, Mumbai, etc.

15.              Has 3 homes.  Currently lives between  Calcutta (India), Bombay – 2 homes (India) and Moscow (Russia).

16.              Runs a Free English School for last 19 years for 220 poor children in South India (Madras/Chennai).

17.              Distinguished family background of Irish – English parentage, who settled in India in 1868 A.D., 3rd generation.  One grandparent – Sir Michael Dequadros, was one of the founders of “Bennett Coleman & Company Limited”, Times of India Group and started Clare Road Convent – Byculla / Fort Convent – Colaba / St. Xavier’s School -  etc.

18.              Written and Published 6 books (all best sellers - mostly self help)–
19.      Currently finished in 2010  a new novel titled “John Smith’s Bestseller” – (The A2O2 Organization) A Spy – Terrorist Novel.
20.       Composed complete background “Music” for the book “John Smith”

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